Equus Amore - Art on Horseback #8

Equus Amore - Art on Horseback #8


#8 Equus Amore

This lovely painting was created in February of 2018, in honor of Valentine's Day. Rovandio and I are staying at Southern Oaks Equestrian Center in Tallahassee, FL for the winter and it is a great environment for creativity. 

This painting is 48' x 60" x 1.5". Acrylic paint using brushes and hands to create the strokes. The first painting session involves the background, adding layers, using water, and mixing colors for added depth. The second day we created the pair of horses, our first Art on Horseback painting that includes two horses on one canvas. 

This original canvas is currently on display at the Polo Bar & Grill located in Wellington, FL. Click here to visit their Facebook page.  

It is currently for sale at $3,400. Please send Sandra a private message at beginthedance@gmail.com if you are interested in adding this piece to your collection.

Equus Amore with Rovy.jpg